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Picture of David PineroWith some sadness but with the excitement of freedom at the same time, I've disabled the ability to download Battle Blog source code, thus ceasing open distribution.  I'm doing this in order to assist in Battle Blog implementations as a vendor providing service to customers, and, to concentrate future Battle Blog development at a pace and at a level of tinkering more suited to my own proprietary purposes.  

In these contemporary times when anyone blogging is probably doing it on WordPress anyway, I know this will not be a major setback to the blogging community.  Few individuals have been downloading it in the past few years and enterprise level interest waned away completely longer ago than that.  In its heyday it was rewarding to discover new users and new purposes for Battle Blog.  The family using it to communicate out about their sick daughter comes to mind (this was pre-Facebook), and I was flattered when a talented one-time VP of a major camera manufacturer adopted it for use as part of a national traffic campaign driven by USA Today circulars.  That was pretty cool!  Indeed, for classic ASP die hards this has been and still is a great little blogging platform.

As I said, Battle Blog will still be available as a managed service.  For reasons of liability protection and others I will not release the code to new customers moving forward but rather host and manage a running implementation on their behalf.  Just use the contact page to send me a synopsis of your requirements and we'll discuss arrangements from there.  Realistically I expect I will only be using it to propagate my own vast online publishing empire of which I do not actually have.  Yet.  And if you are running Battle Blog, feel free to fork away.  I will keep the Google Group active and respond to anything that pops up to be as helpful as I can.

In fact as for this very site itself, I will keep it up and running, trying to convert it to a topographical publication dealing with the practice and issues of blogging.  After so many years of doing it myself I believe I might have a thing or two to say about it one way or another and be able to coach newcomers to the craft.

April 2012 Bug List
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I've been moving offices and rebuilding my personal technical studio.  Here is where we are on Battle Blog development progress right now.  There won't be a release until most of the critical fixes are in place.

Screenshot of project spreadsheet indicating progress.

View the actual chart in its original size.

A New Running Battle Blog Site
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I am pleased to announce that the blog now uses Battle Blog.

This is the latest in a series of actual running Battle Blogs.  As of this date the code is not available to the public at large.  The sites using Battle Blog today are all affiliated with Battle Blog author David Pinero, aka Dave the Web Guy.

Please Visit
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I took a break from Battle Blog last weekend to code up .  This is a website that allows web links to be shared interpersonally using special "link codes".  So, for example, you have your significant other at work in one office while you toil in another. allows you to share links throughout the day outside of e-mail or instant messaging.  The service retains links until you've each visited them, or can keep them if you chooose.  Anyway, it's a handy service I'm spreading the word about, and I know that most of you dropping in might be fans of my coding projects enough to do so yourself.  Please hit the page and be sure to use the social media buttons to spread the word!

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